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WE RISE is a feature length film that helps youth cope with stress, depression and anxiety.


Mass shootings, the pandemic, climate change, obliteration of women’s rights, immigration, sexual assault, inflation, war - this generation has faced more challenges than any other.

Young people around the world share what they do to help themselves when they are struggling.   Hosts come from over 30 countries including China, Poland, India, USA, UK, Argentina, Wales, Russia, Nigeria, Canada, Romania, the Middle East, South Africa.


Tips include breathing, exercise, getting out in nature, meditation, yoga, writing, prayer, listening to music and tuning out the world, doing what made you happy as a child, trying to help others, talking to someone, reaching out, reading, turning off electronics, staying positive, focusing on your hobbies, being thankful, taking it a day at a time and most importantly not giving up.


According to the American Psychological Association in a study of Americans ages 15 to 21 : "More than nine in 10 Gen Z adults (91 percent) said they have experienced at least one physical or emotional symptom because of stress, such as feeling depressed or sad (58 percent) or lacking interest, motivation or energy (55 percent). Only half of all Gen Zs feel like they do enough to manage their stress.”

This important film works in coordination with SAMHSA’ National Helpline, Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Recovery Village Depression Hotline amongst other non-profits to get people the help they need.


This film is rich with resources and reminds us that we are not alone and that together We Will Rise.  Golden Films hopes that this film will help some of the millions of young people currently suffering from depression, anxiety and stress.

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