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Raise Awareness

"The U.S. Surgeon General has called it an urgent public health crisis, a devastating decline in the mental health of kids across the country. There is usually a 40 day wait for mental health care. According the the CDC the number of teenage girls who are suicidal has increased 50% since 2019."

Young people have lost 2 years of socialization, education....they  are struggling, feeling more hopeless and depressed.  Raise awareness so that we can generate more help for those suffering.

60 Minutes

U.S. kids grappling with mental health crisis made worse by the pandemic.

Award-winning Golden Films has produced a film that addresses the mental health crisis among youth. We Rise tells stress battered youth they are not alone. World Mental Health Day October 10, 2022Los Angeles, California, USA...

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WE RISE is part of the ONE WORLD SERIES that aims to spread positivity while addressing important issues affecting youth today.



Golden Films' WE RISE helps young people living in difficult times.

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Eskenazi says, “I kept producing the series because, as filmmakers and content creators, I believe we have a responsibility to create positive media to uplift people, especially in these difficult times.”

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